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Separating Church & State

The debate over gay marriage is a stupid one. Marriage is a religious term from the Church. What we as citizens must do and in so doing make our voices heard, is to demand the eradication of the term marriage from all law and replace it with the phrase "civil union". If two people want a "holy" civil union then they should by all means get married in a church or wherever else their minister will perform the ceremony. Otherwise a Judge should perform civil union ceremonies unless he or she is an ordained minister. It is the simple and complete and by the way constitutionally mandated solution to the growing controversy. What are the ramifications of doing this constitutionally mandated change? Who cares! It is the right thing to do and it is constitutional!

For First Time, Majority of Americans Favor Legal Gay Marriage

TRIAL LAWYER ATLANTA - The Role of The Attorney

Law, Witnesses, Documentary Evidence are the ingredients of every case.  The Attorney is responsible for knowing the Law.  The client for knowing the Witnesses and the Evidence.  Once these ingredients are accumulated the Lawyer then becomes the Producer, Director and Creator of the product that will be presented to the Judge or Jury.  A simple analogy is that of baking a cake:  Ingredients coordinated incorrectly and baked at the wrong temperature will not yield a good result.  A recent case of alienation presented us with a mess:  Too many witnesses, too many documents; no episodic evident, just a myriad of anecdotes, insinuations, nasty but short comments; an attitude, however, that clearly presented created a mosaic of bad conduct that in turn was a clear picture of a campaign of parental alienation.  The problem presented was how to Produce the presentation to be effective and not the proverbial 'herding cats' debacle that would quickly turn into boring mush that would bring the Judge's instruction "I've heard enough of this now let's move on" which would in turn cast the remaining numerous anecdotes with insignificance and then immateriality.  It is the Attorneys job to correctly meld the witnesses and documents to present a clear and dynamic presentation to the Judge and, or, Jury.  That task is not easy and will not happen without significant reflective thought about how to do it effectively and clearly with the ultimate goal being to present the case with simple ringing truth without browbeating everyone in the Courtroom.  Experience and dedication at every turn is invaluable.

Lawyer Newnan

This article raises disturbing questions about the role of prosecutors. Prosecutors are both at once, Executive Branch employees often burdened with the concern that they might be perceived as soft on crime and lose votes in the next election [and some won't negotiate a plea for that very reason] and yet at the same time they are Officers of the Court [sworn members of the Judiciary] with the mandate that they be totally candid with the Court. Justice Stevens criticizes a bad decision. I hope the New York Legislature compensates the man for the injustice he was made to suffer.

Stevens Urges Congress to Crack Down on Prosecutorial Misconduct - Law Blog - WSJ

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ATTORNEY NEWNAN || A Great Article About Our Future

  Special Report: Vision 2011 – Coweta's future already in view - The Times-Herald

If the World doesn't self destruct SouthMetro ATL, particularly Coweta County's future appears to be dynamic and a great place to raise a family, pursue a career and have a spectacular quality of life at an economical price.  I can truly say I love it here.

FDIC seeks $6 million from law firm - The Times-Herald

I have been blogging about this for almost 2 years now. I am sure there are investors and depositors that were hurt by the reckless acts of Bank executives and their inner circle. Now the FDIC is seeking to recover money on the very same theory, except this is not going anywhere but back to the FDIC.

FDIC seeks $6 million from law firm - The Times-Herald

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? // Current

Apparently there will be very few if any repercussions over the collusion and fraud that caused the financial meltdown year before last. The media strangely seem completely uninterested in the unraveling the story and exposing the crooked world of Wall Street. I would venture to say that that world is populated by friends and family of the talking heads, producers, and executives that control mainstream media. So we have to rely on rags like Rolling Stone to light a dim candle. The same kind of back room back scratching went on at our local banks. If you got hurt don't let the statute of limitations, 2 years, run before you talk to a lawyer about it. Here's the link to the article that started this:
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